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Our goal is to recommend and provide the most elegant and functional solutions possible to address your individual shading and lighting control needs.


At Pacific Window Coverings, we have always had a passion for helping our clients find functional and elegant solutions for their window shading and lighting control needs.

We don't ask you to visit a showroom.  We meet with you at your home or project location to review and discuss your requirements.  We refer to this as "scheduling a consultation."  If your home or project is not yet built, we can review your drawings with you to help plan for the window shades you will need.  We regularly work with architects, builders, designers and owners in this way.

Our Process

  • Call to tell us a little about your project or window shading needs, and we can schedule a consultation to meet with you to review your requirements in detail.  We will take measurements, show samples and make recommendations.  If your home or building doesn't exist yet, we can start with the drawings.  You can also begin by submitting our contact form here.
  • Once we know the dimensions of your windows and the products that will best meet your requirements, we can generate a quotation so you know what your new window shades will cost, including installation.
  • After placing your order with us for your new shades, we have your shades manufactured to our exact specifications.  On average, it takes about 4 weeks from the time you order until your shades arrive.  We will give you an estimate when we supply your quotation.  The lead time really depends on the types of products needed.
  • When your shades arrive, we contact you to schedule your installation.  We try to get shades installed as quickly as possible after they arrive!  We can usually get you on our schedule within 4-7 days.  Of course, this depends on your schedule, too.